Retirement Nightmare
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The Retirement Nightmare is the very real possibility that you (or
someone you love) will be forced to surrender your decision-making powers
over almost all personal and financial matters at some point during your
senior years.  

  What is "reasonable"?  Whatever that judge--on that day
in that court--decides is appropriate for a man or woman of your "advanced

  ... codes were
written at a time when the average lifespan was well under 50 years...

How can you be affected?

Please look at what may be the 10 most important questions you may have to address.

"How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is
To have a thankless child!"

- William Shakespeare
King Lear Act 1, Scene 4

During the course of helping my mother and  preparing
this book I came across many good sources of
information.  It is my desire to offer these books to you
before it's too late.  I do hope they help.

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News and Developments
AARP has released its first study on
conservatorship/guardianship abuse in AARP The
Magazine, January/February 2004. Barry Yeoman's
excellent article, "Stolen Lives," can also be found on
AARP's website.
Click Here to Read the Article.
  rev 1/18/2004